Currently Designing Hydro One’s 230 kV/115 kV Transmission Station as Part of an EPC Team – One of the First Hydro One EPC Contract

Chimax, as part of an EPC team, was awarded one of Hydro One Network’s first substation EPC Projects. Chimax has joined the EPC team for designing 230 kV/115 kV transmission station and upgrading the existing Cedar Transmission Station at Guelph, Ontario. The new station design will have two new 250 MVA, 230/115 kV auto-transformers, 145 kV circuit breakers and all other associated equipment.

To support the growing electrical demand in Guelph-Waterloo area, Chimax will play a role in improving the reliability of electricity service and will support the refurbishment of the aging electricity infrastructure serving Guelph and the surrounding area.